man and wife looking at computer and taking notes

Everyone has questions, especially when it’s about something you know you need, but don’t really understand.  So if you know you need hearing aids or if you know someone who needs hearing aids, here’s a list 6 things you may want to know about hearing aids.

  1. Hearing aids are programmable. They can “remember” different settings for each listening environment in your life and you can switch to the appropriate one depending on sound input received from your surroundings. Some hearing aids automatically store data regarding which setting you prefer in certain situations, and will automatically switch to the desired setting in each situation.
  2. Many hearing aids can sync with wireless devices by using Bluetooth® technology, enabling you to receive direct signals from your cell phone, MP3 player, television, and other electronic devices.
  3. Many hearing aids are sensitive enough to isolate and enhance segments of speech to make it more understandable, not just louder.
  4. Microelectronics make tinier-than-ever hearing aids available that are practically invisible or nearly invisible when worn.
  5. You can swim, sweat and ski while wearing hearing aids.  Benefiting many people including those who perspire heavily, are active in sports, or who garden or work in dusty environments.
  6. Not only do hearing aids come is a vast array of shapes and sizes but colors as well.   As individuals become more comfortable with the idea of wearing hearing aids they are sporting bold, daring color combinations.

We provided this list to raise the awareness of all the innovations that have made hearing aids true marvels of modern science.  Hearing aids allow wearers to hear in all kinds of listening environments.  Sometimes our patients tell us they think they’re not only hearing better, but they’re hearing better than everyone else!