Frank Wartinger, Au.D. founded Earmark Hearing Conservation with the mission to improve the hearing health of musicians in the greater Philadelphia area.

Earmark offers hearing conservation consultation, custom hearing protection options, and in-ear monitors. Serving musicians and music lovers, Earmark aims to provide customized solutions for listening, monitoring and performance needs for years to come.


Frank is a clinical audiologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he coordinates the Healthy Hearing Community Education Program. Prior to obtaining his Doctorate degree in Audiology from Salus University, Frank studied at Purchase Conservatory of Music in the Studio Production Program and earned his Bachelor of Music degree.

During professional training, Frank enjoyed a yearlong tenure at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he worked with the Musicians’ Hearing Program under the direction of Brian J. Fligor, Sc.D. In an article co-authored with Dr. Fligor, his work was published in Audiology Today (Vol. 3, 2011, page 32-42) and continues to serve as a benchmark mission statement for Frank’s work with musicians.

He is an active composer, producer, recordist, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. With over 200 records produced to date, his music has been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered and film score credits with PBS, SevenBar Foundation, Studio Rever, and the American Film Institute. Along with songwriter and producer Scott Hallam, he is co-founder of Audiodowsing, a full service music production company.

His extensive experience on both sides of the glass – behind the mixing board and behind the microphone – brings real-world solutions to every client’s hearing and monitoring needs.

Frank is a Gold Circle Audiologist in the Sensaphonics audiologist network. The audiologists with the Sensaphonics Gold Circle Audiologists have been personally trained by Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci in meeting the needs of music industry clients, and have extensive personal experience working with musicians and sound engineers.