Alexandra Taylor, Au.D. joins Aberdeen Audiology

We are very thrilled to announce that Alexandra Taylor, Au.D. will join Aberdeen Audiology, specializing in the treatment of tinnitus and the treatment of auditory processing disorders!

Dr. Taylor has had several roles with Aberdeen Audiology in the past. As a student in the doctor of audiology program at Salus University in the late 2010s, she completed a semester-long clinical rotation at Aberdeen Audiology. Since 2021, she has had great success with Aberdeen Audiology treating patients with auditory processing deficits, maintaining a small caseload.

Beginning in the late-spring/early summer of 2023, Dr. Taylor’s role with Aberdeen Audiology will expand greatly to a full-time position and she will treat not only patients with auditory processing deficits but also patients who are distracted by or suffer from tinnitus. In her previous position in South Carolina, she had a great deal of success improving the lives of people suffering from tinnitus.

Both auditory processing deficits and tinnitus are conditions that, unfortunately, too many people are told that they just “have to to learn to live with it.” The reality is that there are a great many tools at an audiologist’s disposal to treat both conditions.

For tinnitus sufferers, Dr. Taylor has utilized cognitive behavioral therapy, sound therapy, tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), sound maskers, patient education, and other tools to help her patients. Where her real expertise lies is being able to properly apply these techniques to the right patients at the right time. Every tinnitus patient is unique and therefore, a “cookie-cutter” approach can often be unsuccessful. By listening to the patient and their case history, combined with test data, Dr. Taylor has a great success rate. 

For auditory processing deficits, Dr. Taylor utilizes auditory training to offset the deficits in the auditory system. In most cases, over 90% of the time, patients report a greater ability to understand and remember speech in many situations and feel less distracted by competing noises or competing voices. 

Dr. Taylor is able to accomplish a great deal using videoconferencing for both her tinnitus patients and auditory processing patients. This is ideal for both children and adults with busy schedules. If you would like to visit with us to help with tinnitus or if you suspect you have auditory processing deficits, call our office at 610-688-6003. We look forward to serving you!