In recent years, we have acquired the ability to help a variety of people through telehealth technology.

In recent years, we have acquired the ability to help a variety of people through telehealth technology and the effectiveness is equal to the effectiveness of an in-office visit. Below are some of the types of services we can provide using telehealth technology. This allows people to access our services from their homes or their workplaces, adding to convenience without compromising effectiveness.

Hearing Aid Programming

Many hearing aids now incorporate technology that allows an audiologist to adjust a person’s hearing aids through an online version of the same software that we use for -in office visits.

Auditory Training

Auditory training is a therapeutic approach designed to improve an individual's auditory processing abilities. The evidence-based listening exercises that we utilize to improve speech understanding are just as effective using telehealth platforms as they are in office. Visit our page on auditory training to learn more.

Consultations and Second Opinions

Video chat technology is perfect for a discussion regarding treatment options and getting a second opinion. As a matter of fact, it is better than a traditional phone call because you can get both ears involved and see the face of the speaker.

Tinnitus Treatments

Some of our tinnitus treatments involve using programmable devices and many of those can be adjusted by our audiologists through our software using telehealth platforms. Telehealth platforms are also a tool to discuss treatment plans and counseling sessions.

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