Hearing Devices

At Aberdeen Audiology, we fit hearing aids from leading manufacturers including Oticon, ReSound, Phonak & more. Our experienced audiologists guide patients to the device most appropriate for their hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Need a Hearing Device?

If you’re reading this, you already suspect you might need a hearing device.  If you answer yes to two or more questions below, it’s probably time to give us a call.

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Others complain that the TV is too loud.
Your significant other and you argue over what you heard.
You use the phrases, “excuse me”, “can you repeat that”, or “what did you say” several times a day.
You plan your nights out based on how loud it might be at your destination.
New experiences that you would’ve jumped at 5 years ago no longer hold the same appeal.

Hearing Devices Brands and Implants


The latest flagship high-end hearing aid from Phonak is the Audeo Lumity. It sets a new benchmark for Bluetooth connectivity in hearing aids.

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Presenting the groundbreaking Oticon Real, the latest hearing aid equipped with an improved More Sound Intelligence 2.0 system, enabling users to engage more effectively with their surroundings. Oticon Real is a significant leap forward, promising to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals experiencing hearing issues.

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Resound Nexia provides personalized hearing with clearer speech, dynamic noise reduction, seamless connectivity, and customizable profiles.

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Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics cochlear implants are made to give you access to all of these details so that you can enjoy a kaleidoscope of sound.

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Cochlear implants are hearing devices that are made for people with severe to profound deafness who cannot benefit from a hearing aid. Even though there is no cure for hearing loss, the cochlear implant is now widely accepted as a treatment for people with profound hearing loss.

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Tinnitus, a condition marked by persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears, affects millions of people worldwide. While various treatments exist, none offer a universal solution, and many patients continue to suffer from this debilitating condition. However, a ground-breaking product known as the Neosensory Duo is changing the game, offering a unique, scientifically-proven approach to managing tinnitus symptoms.

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