Presenting the groundbreaking Oticon Real, the latest hearing aid equipped with an improved More Sound Intelligence 2.0 system, enabling users to engage more effectively with their surroundings. Oticon Real is a significant leap forward, promising to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals experiencing hearing issues.

Oticon Real

The Oticon Real marks a new era in hearing aids with the world's first Wind & Handling Stabilizer, driven by an upgraded Deep Neural Network. This hearing aid will significantly enhance the auditory experiences for countless people living with hearing loss.

More Sound Intelligence 2.0

The Oticon Real introduces the More Sound Intelligence 2.0, a revolutionary system that provides your brain with all of the relevant sound data, aiding in superior speech understanding. This gives improved speech comprehension with less effort and a heightened ability to recall more. Giving your brain all of the sound contributes to a more fulfilling hearing experience. MoreSound Intelligence 2.0:

  • Delivers an immersive sound scene for better understanding
  • Improves speech comprehension significantly
  • Eases listening effort, enhancing memory retention of conversations

Deep Neural Network (DNN)

The Oticon Real leverages a Deep Neural Network (DNN) trained on a comprehensive database of real-life sounds, providing your brain with a broader sonic landscape to better discern essential sounds. The device learns and adapts, emulating your brain's function to improve speech comprehension and memory, even in noisy environments.

Connect with your favorite devices

Staying connected to your loved ones and favorite devices is essential. With Oticon Real, you can connect to a vast range of devices for a superior listening experience in everyday situations. This boosts your confidence, facilitating your daily activities.

  • Stream directly from iPhone and compatible Android devicesMake hands-free calls or connect a remote microphone with ConnectClip
  • Stream sound directly from your TV with Oticon's TV adapterUse the Oticon ON App for discreet and convenient control over your hearing aid

Rechargeable power

The new Oticon Real range offers a compact, rechargeable, lithium-ion option that provides a full day's charge, including streaming, with only three hours of charging. This tiny device is packed with state-of-the-art features and offers exceptional sound quality, ensuring improved speech understanding in various settings with less effort and the convenience of worry-free recharging.

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