The world's most popular high-end hearing aid right now is the Audeo Paradise. It is widely thought to be the most connected Bluetooth hearing aid on the market.

Phonak Paradise

The world's most popular high-end hearing aid right now is the Audeo Paradise. It is widely thought to be the most connected Bluetooth hearing aid on the market. Android and iPhone phones can use Paradise devices to make hands-free phone calls. The devices have a lot of smart listening technology built-in.

Cutting-edge hardware technology

The PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip is a groundbreaking technology that processes sounds. Compared to its predecessor, it has twice as much memory, more ways to connect, and uses less power.

The ultra-low-power tri-axial accelerometer in the motion sensor supports new connectivity and hearing performance features. The sensor is the best in its field regarding how well it works and how little power it uses.

APD 2.0

Phonak's fitting method, Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0, balances how well you can hear, how loud, and how good the sound is. It does this by adding a new processing algorithm and new precalculation for a comfortable, first-fit acceptance that works naturally. From soft to loud sounds, APD 2.0 lets patients hear sounds as they would in the real world.

AutoSense OS™ 4.0

AutoSense OS 4.0 was made with the help of artificial intelligence, and its features work together perfectly to give you the best-personalized experience in any sound environment. AutoSense OS 4.0 has the right mix of sound processing features to meet the different communication and lifestyle needs of end-users. Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, and Motion Sensor Hearing are some new features.

Speech Enhancer

A feature that is meant to boost the peaks of a speech signal when it is quiet.

Dynamic Noise Cancellation

A feature that eliminates space noise and works with a directional beamformer.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor hearing checks to see if the patient is still or moving and how loud the environment is.

myPhonak app 4.0

Through Hearing Diary 2.0, you can learn more about their hearing aids and use them in different listening situations. This is on top of the existing personalization features, like Remote Support and Remote Control.

Bluetooth® connections

In today's connected world, tech-savvy people who wear hearing aids can easily switch between two active devices. Phonak Paradise is a multifunctional device that can connect to up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. Two of these devices can be connected at the same time. This makes it easier to move seamlessly between different devices.

Tap Control 

With a hearing aid that has a motion sensor, you can control Bluetooth® features with a double-tap on the pinna. This feature lets the wearer answer and end calls from connected cell phones, pause and start streaming from connected Bluetooth® devices, and use Voice Assistance apps. Patients can answer calls on the go or ask their Voice Assistant for directions by tapping their ears twice.


The Phonak Paradise is the only hearing aid with an automatic tip that opens and closes based on the setting. Called ActiveVent, this feature makes music and podcasts sound much better.

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