The latest flagship high-end hearing aid from Phonak is the Audeo Lumity. It sets a new benchmark for Bluetooth connectivity in hearing aids.

Phonak Lumity

The newest leader in high-end hearing aids is the Audeo Lumity from Phonak. Boasting unmatched Bluetooth connectivity, Lumity devices enable hands-free phone calls for both Android and iPhone users, incorporating a wealth of intelligent listening technology.

Revolutionary hardware technology

The Phonak Lumity operates on AutoSense OS™ 5.0, the newest operating system that allows significant processing power. Utilizing machine learning, it scans and identifies the listener's environment 700 times per second, enabling more than 200 different combinations of the hearing aid's settings. The cutting-edge StereoZoom 2.0 feature intelligently adapts the strength of focus as the level of noise increases, providing an enhanced speech-to-noise ratio.

AutoSense OS™ 5.0

Built with artificial intelligence, AutoSense OS 5.0 coordinates features for the optimal personalized experience in any sound environment. It meets different communication and lifestyle needs of users with new features like SpeechSensor, StereoZoom 2.0, and Motion Sensor Hearing.


This feature detects the direction of the main speech signal, reducing listening effort and enhancing speech understanding, especially when the speech comes from the side or rear.

StereoZoom 2.0

This improved automatic directional microphone system enhances spatial awareness in low noise environments and gradually moves to a more focused directional pattern as noise increases.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor incorporated in Lumity checks whether the patient is stationary or moving and how loud the environment is, improving hearing performance.

myPhonak app

The myPhonak app enables personalization of Lumity hearing aids in different listening situations. Besides existing features like Remote Support and Remote Control, it also offers health data tracking capabilities and enhanced controls.

Bluetooth connections

In today's connected world, Lumity is designed for tech-savvy hearing aid users, allowing them to switch effortlessly between two active devices. Lumity can connect to up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously, with two of these devices connected at the same time.

Tap Control

With the incorporation of a motion sensor, Lumity hearing aids can control Bluetooth® features with a simple double-tap on the ear. This feature allows wearers to answer and end calls from connected cell phones, pause and start streaming from Bluetooth® devices, and access Voice Assistance apps.

The ActiveVent Receiver

Phonak Audéo Life Lumity is the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid, offering superior resistance to moisture, ideal for users with an active lifestyle. This unique feature enhances the overall hearing experience, particularly when listening to music and podcasts.

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